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 sweetmoon lvl80 mage

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PostSubject: sweetmoon lvl80 mage   Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:36 pm

Personal info
- Your name/age
tommy 20
- Tell us abit about yourself (take your time)
well im from norway, 20 years old... *shy*

- How many raids can you attend every week?
this aint gonna be a problem Wink

- Are you able to talk and listen on Ventrilo?

- Do you have a stable connection? How fast? (telia 24 mbit/s etc.)
104mbit/s, stable Wink

In game:

- class, ?
- Race, ?
Blood Elf
- character name, ?
- What specc are you currently using, are you willing to respecc if it is needed?

- Raiding experience (both pre Tbc and Tbc
Pre Tbc : nothing
TBC : everything Smile

- Previous guilds and why did you leave them?
Conquest, left cause i changed for horde

- Why do you want to join Hordecore Pwnography?
raids, new peepz... what more can you ask for..

- Prequests done? ( Hyjal,Black Temple, Kara )

- Armory profile

- What type of player are you, what characteristics make you desirable and so on.
im an active, dedicated player.

- Professions (can you craft any rare pots, enchants etc that can help our progress)
herbalist and tailor/w me ingame if any questions about recipes.

Additional info, if you have anything you like us to know that didnít fit in any ware else, write it here. (can you build macros? Edit movies? Sound like a horse etc or anything else usefull?
*couch* hitman for hire

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sweetmoon lvl80 mage
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